Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sure, I'll open the door! January 31st, 2007

Kathleen was watching Tony, her sister's eighteen month old, on Ebay last week. He's getting pretty busy. At one point he is trying to get out the front door, which is locked.

Locked door? No problem? Good old Sam came to the rescue, opening the door for his younger cousin. Luckily, he didn't get very far.

Its always more dangerous when they work together. Like when Sam would hold the closet door shut so that PJ could shinny up inside the kitchen pantry and pilfer cookies from the highest shelf.

Anna was working with a group of eight or so third graders on a project at school. The idea was that by all working together they would learn the fundamentals of cooperation and of working towards a common goal. Some of the group took the lesson to heart; it seems that all of the students in the group EXCEPT Anna wrote a letter to their teacher telling Mrs. Miller that Anna had been disrupting their group. Anna had single handedly managed to disrupt the group enough for them to band together and take action in a show of cooperation. Anna (who is now old enough to log onto the Internet and read this blog) is certainly a force to be reckoned with, I only hope that she uses her power to aid the forces of good, and not evil.

Last Saturday, Sam came walking up behind me, with his voice sounding like his nose was plugged. "Dad, could you please help me blow my dose?" I turned around a a tissue was hanging from his face, glued to his face like a veil.

I took the kids to Wal-mart later that day - all three of them. At the check out counter, PJ ran off towards the vending machines, and then disappeared through the little door that they slide the grocery carts in on. I paid and took my cart and headed for the exit. Sam didn't want me to hold his arm, he wanted to keep looking at the candy. Then he started crying and sat down on the floor. I then picked Sam up, howling now, over my shoulder which is no easy task these days for the fifty pound three year old.

I became at that point what I like to call 'the angry parent'. Have you ever noticed an 'angry parent' in the grocery store or at the mall? They are usually past the point of caring what other people around them are thinking, and are simply hoping to get back to their car, and eventually home. They'll be carrying some screaming child by one arm and be making lots of vague "if I weren't in a public place I swear I'd kick your ass" kind of threats. So anyway, I had Sam up on one shoulder and he was screaming, and was pushing the cart out to the parking lot where PJ had disappeared. Anna was being helpful. "PJ is being bad, isn't he?" she asked. "He should be punished. You should take his gameboy away from him."

PJ was standing in the middle of the parking lot near the grocery carts. He was kicking a lamppost. I yelled for him. He ambled over to the cart and we made our way to the car. The kids got in the car and I loaded up our purchases. Sam didn't want to get in his booster seat. "I don't want to." he said.

"Tough shit!" I said, in a low voice. "Sit in the frigging seat." Sam looked at me and surprisingly, sat down in his seat.

In other news, Anna refused to take a standardized test at school. She put her head on her desk and said, "I can't take it, I don't have any short term memory." The teacher didn't know what to say. They convinced her to take it later that week. This, coming from a girl who remembers what food she ate on an airplane flight she took when she was three years old.

I have been trying to repair an old Royal typewriter that we got from my mom. I ordered a roll of typewriter ribbon from some old shop in England I found on the Internet. I finally got it working. Anna hit as few keys. "How do you make the letters big?"

"Its a typewriter, it only has one font. The keys are fixed."

"Oh, I'm going to use the computer." Anna said, running off.

Monday, January 22, 2007

NO SCHOOL! SNOW DAY! CHILDREN'S DREAM - Mom's Nightmare? Jan 22, 2006

There was a light dusting of snow on the ground this morning.  Of course, Kathleen watched the news with the interest of a horse-race.  There was thr K's, Kimmico Provincial Pet Bording School - Open.  "Come On!"  Kerrington Home for Wayward Guinea Pigs - Open Two Hours late.  "Yes! -- Come on Loudoun!"

Then  they broke for commercial.  I haven't hear such profanity from my wife in quite a while.

She flicked through the channels.  Finally, on channel 67, we found more school announcements.  Loudoun County Schools - CLOSED!


Daddy still has to go to work, unfortunately.  But the children are of course delighted to have the day off to play in the snow.  Pictures to follow...

Friday, January 19, 2007

Sam crawls up into PJ's bed an 19, 2007

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Sam likes to crawl up into PJ's bed and sleep with him. They are so cute!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

January 11th, 2007

Went and played poker last night. Had a good time, but lost. I have
been playing aroung with my IPOD a lot. I have figured out how to
get tv shows that I record onto my server onto it, which is very cool.

Sam is getting to be more and more petulant lately. He is kind of
schizophrenic: alternating between the sweet chubby spunky almost
four year old Dr. Jekyl and a tap dancing crying and screaming, fit
throwing Mr. Hyde. And we are getting tired of Samuel Ownen Hyde too,
let me tell you.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

January 10th, 2006

Anna is selling girl scout cookies. Its time of year again. This
year her goal is to sell 200 boxes. Anna is good at selling girl
scout cookies. She has that sort of unflinching courage I never had
when it came to knocking on doors. She marches up, knocks on the
door, makes her pitch, and moves on. Of course Kathleen is following
her at the curb with her minivan.

I have taught Anna and PJ to play Texas Hold 'Em poker. PJ has an
interesting strategy. He looks at his cards patiently, then the pot,
and thinks to himself, making a "hmmmmm" noise. Then, he says slowly,
"Well, I think I'll bet this stack of RED chips." and takes an entire
stack of chips and puts the entire thing in the pot as his bet.

He beat me twice.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Jnuary 9th, 2006

I am sitting at my desk at work thinking about a trip to St. Martin I
wil be taking in about two months time. It will be a good time. But
it seems so far away from us now!

Last night I made a CD for PJ with all of his favorite songs. "Three
fine daughters of farmer brown" by Eddie from Ohio, and "Particle Man"
by They Might be Giants. He wanted one cd with one song on each. I
guess he just wanted to sit in his bed listening to the same song over
and over and over. I put a few other songs on the CD as well.
"Uncaged" by Johnny Cash, and "Last Night" by the Travelling
Wilberry's. After he goes to bed he lays up in his bed with hi
headphones on, listening to his music, totally happy.