Monday, December 18, 2006

Chasing Santa down the road! December 10th, 2006

It was Sunday night, and we were putting th ekids to bed.  We had just finished brusing teeth and were about to read bedtime stories.  Suddenly I heard a police siren, that was getting louder.  Odd, I thought to myself, the police don't ever come through here, I wonder if there is a fire?

I wasn't thinking.  Sometime a week or so before Christmas, one of Santa's helpers catches a ride with the Leesburg Volunteer fire department and takes a tour through all of the neighborhoods in town.  So the kids are in pajamas, and Anna looks out the window and catches the side of Santa as he waves his arm and drives down the street, away from us.  Anna shoulders slumped down. 

"Come on, Kids!" I spoke.  "We are going to get in the truck and catch up with Santa!"

And we did!  The kids tumbled into the back of the truck, and we zipped down to the other end of the neighborhood and we managed to catch Santa up with and his fire truck, and his two assistants who were dressed like snowmen and looked vaguely creepy.  We caught up with him, and then when he left, we followed him.  We followed him down Lakewood over by the Library, and through some other older neighborhoods.  It was a hoot!

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