Friday, November 24, 2006


We spent yesterday morning driving down here, and arrived around One thirty. It was a wonderful, lazy, sit around the house and do nothing but eat kind of day. I wasn't feeling good, or maybe I was tired, but I spent most of the day dozing off in this chair, under a heated blanket. The children actually behaved themselves for the most part. Maybe they like Thanksgiving as much as I do. I remember as a child going to my uncle's house and watching the wizard of oz, which always seemed to be on, and always playing Tripoli and eating turkey sandwiches later that evening.

Kathleen's grandma was here, recovering from knee replacement surgery. She showed me the incision, which was a big vertical line up her knee still held in place with big cloth butterfly stitches. Sam came over and looked at it with genuine concern, and said "awwwww, Gigi..." his voice trailing off while he stood there. Thankfully, Gigi seems to be feeling better.

I slept in until 9:30 this morning, which is pretty decadent for me, and then Kath and her mom were off like a shot to assault the black Friday gauntlet. Later today we are going to take the kids to go see Santa at the Staunton mall. This early in Christmas, and this far away from northern Virginia, we seem to do pretty well in dodging the wait for Santa lines that seem to be everywhere. We drive back home this evening. Happy Thanksgiving!

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