Wednesday, November 01, 2006

more halloween news Oct 31, 2006

Anna broke free and went trick or treating with her friends, which was a first.  I stayed at home because my broken toe is hurting me.  Anna came home with a ridiculous amount of candy.  Between the campground, trick or trunk-ing at church, and our neighborhood, we are literally floating in candy.

Sam woke up at his usual 6 AM onTuesday (the 31st) and came into our bedroom. 

"Mom, what day is it?"

Grumbling from under the sheets.  Muttering.  "Its Tuesday."  She croaked.

"Yeah!  Its Halloween day!"  Sam exclaimed with childish glee.

that night, PJ must have heard his parents talking about candy, because as he was trick or treating he would say, after getting his candy, "Thanks!  I'm going to be SICK for DAYS!"

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