Monday, October 16, 2006

Nothing much happening here - October 14th, 2006

PJ has the flu today.  I think he got it from Sam, who has been sick earlier this week.  He just threw up orange ibuprofen syrup and waffles that he had for dinner.  Poor buy, he is just lying on the couch, looking pitiful.

My first clue that he was sick was when we went to Chuck E. Cheese today.  He suddenly stopped playing video games and went to our booth and was sitting there bent over, with his head down on the seat and his but in the air.  "Are you okay, Peej?" I asked him.

"Yeah.  I'm just resting."  Was all he said, but his face was starting to turn pale.  Plus, anything that can prevent him from playing Metal Slug 6 must be powerful in scope.  It would be like me being too sick to get on the plane to go to St. Martin.  The others had a great time at Chuck E. Cheese.  I was looking for Sam once and found him in the photo booth with some other child his age.  I was worried that Sam had bullied his way in, but the other kid seemed quite happy.  "We have our picture taken!" he said and grinned at me.

It is funny the three different ways the children spend their arcade tokens at Chuck E. Cheese.  Anna like to get tickets so she spends tokens like water and comes back to me on minutes, asking for more tokens.  Then, fifteen minutes after we arrive she has spent all of her tokens and is taking them to the counter and going shopping.  PJ takes ten tokens and then never comes back.  He is so good at video games that his money lasts a while, and when he runs out he has usually made friends and some other boy's dad is putting money in the  machine for him to keep playing.  Sam is just a maniac.  I found him once on a jet ski  arcade game, sitting behind  some other boy, riding along.  Another time he was in a photo booth with  a little boy Sam's age.  I asked the boy if he minded, and he just smiled and said "we got our picture took." 

Mike and Loretta and Molly and Andrew visited last weekend, and we had a blast.  No pictures, because I just plain forgot to keep the camera out to take pictures, but we all had a great time.  Mike helped me get a bunch of RV stuff taken care of, and this led to a lot of what-is-now-amusing stories about backing up a 25 foot trailer in the dark when you have no experience doing so.  But its okay, it got put away, and what's a family get together when you don't have any yelling anyway?  It would be like a hot dog with no mustard.

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