Monday, September 11, 2006

Don't Forget to say Goodye 9.11.2006

As I walked through my dark bedroom this morning, Sam was already awake and had crawled in bed with mom.  I said goodby to Kathleen, and then went over to sam and said goodbye.  Always gotta say goodbye.
I went downstairs, and there was a file I needed to email myself at work, so I was delayed by a few minutes.  When I cam back upstairs, Kathleen, Sam, and Anna were all downstairs.  Anna was lying on a couch being grumpy.  I got a cup of coffee and said goodby to Anna, then Sam (again), then Kathleen.   Always gotta say goodbye.
As I schlepped my Monday morning baggage out to my car, which included my backpack, my lunch, my gym clothes, my portable DVD player, a planner, a text book, and other junk.  Sam runs out to me by my car.  "Look at this book I got daddy!"  We went to the library yesterday.  Its a about a horse with bad hair. 
"That's great Sam!"  I try to sound excited.  Now go inside, daddy has to go to work, okay?"  Always gotta say goodbye.
As I am driving down the road to the commuter bus, my cell phone rings.  It is my wife, and she is upset with me.  I forgot to wave at Sam as I drove by the front door of our house.  Sam is very upset by this break in his normal ritualistic lifestyle.  The life of a happy three year old is lived within simple happy patterns.  I talk to Sam on the phone.  "Hello Sam"
"Hello Dad."
"I am sorry I didn't wave to you."
"Are you mad at me?"
"Well, I am sorry, but I have to go now, okay Sammy?"
"Okay, bye, daddy!"
"Bye Sam!"
Kathleen stayed on the phone long enough to tell me that Sam was waving goodbye to me into the phone.  I said goodbye and resumed my commute.  Always gotta say goodbye.

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