Monday, July 31, 2006

Can I watch TV with you? 7.28.2006

Last night I had to go get PJ from Ed and Rita, who had taken them to a convention in DC. He had been running a fever, of 1a 103.5 degrees. I picked him up at the metro and rode home with him.

Once we were home, after Sam went to bed, I took a shower with PJ, to bring his fever down. I told him afterwards, he could crawl into bed with me until he fell asleep, then I would put him into my bed. We both got into bed. Skip forward. I am waking up at six and going to work. What happened to PJ?

I had fallen asleep, and PJ had gone downstairs, and said to Kathleen, "Mom, Dad said I could stay in bed with him until he fell asleep, and now he's asleep. Can I watch TV with you?"

He stayed up watching TV until 11PM.

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