Sunday, May 14, 2006

Nina goes home, Pete, PJ and Sam get lost May 14, 2006

We dropped Nina off at BWI on Saturday morning after a wonderful week with us. Thanks again to my mom for helping on the drive down and for spending the week with us. Thanks Nina!

Later, I met up with some freinds and went hiking for an hour or so at Turkey Run. Then we got lost. Three hours later, lost in the forests that more or less Surround CIA headquarters in Langley, we were still slugging it along.

The kids were real troopers, especially Sam, who didn't hardly complain even though his leather sandals were soaking wet and must have been hurting his feet. PJ kept saying "This way, that way! Where are we going! I want to go back to the car!". Made it home eventually, and went home for a good night's sleep.

Kathleen and Anna were doing an overnight with Girl Scouts, so they missed out on all of the fun.

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