Tuesday, May 30, 2006


The weekend started out kind of sad, when we brought Isis back to her foster dad.  She was a sweet doggy and great around children in the house, but she just thought everyone outside our house was the enemy.  We miss her, but hope that she will soon find a new home.

Saturday we had a barbecue over at our house.  Later that night I had planned on setting up a "drive in movie" outside, an elaborate contraption created by daisy chaining an overhead projector, a laptop computer, a lcd projector panel, and a small boombox.  While setting it up, the laptop decided to stop working.  I got a "blue screen of death", something that has never happened before.  I actually started to get very stressed out.  The children were running around in a frenzy.  "Where is the movie?"  they kept asking.  I was feverishly trying to download a driver and install it on this laptop, in the dark, on a picnic table, in my backyard, while being heckled by a crowd of 11 children with an everage age of 4.  Finally, I dragged an ancient laptop out of the basement, and got that to work.  But it was very cool, and so, I guess, worth it.

Sunday we went over to our neighbors for a pool party, and my aqua-children got in a few hours of serious pool time.  Then after more time in the sun, we retired, and the children got some more good sleep time in.

Monday we saw "Over the Hedge" with some friends, and later I went bowling.  It was good weekend, sort of busy, but all things that stayed close to home, and that was very nice.

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