Sunday, May 07, 2006


I went up to New York to visit family this weekend, and I took Anna and Sam with me. 
Kathleen has been enjoying her time with Sam, sho is still a busy busy boy, but when it is just Sam, its way easier than it is with all three of the little ones.
Saturday morning Sam woke Kathleen up around 6:30AM, like he normally does.  But, since there was nothing else going on, Kathleen dozed off, with a side awake three year old in the room with her.  She woke up, about half an hour later, and the first thing she noticed was that Sam was eating something. 
While Kathleen was sleeping, Sam had gone looking around, and found a bunch of unopened girl scout cookies in her office.  He grabbed a box of Samoas, crawled back into bed with Kathleen, and started eating.  He was halfway through the first sleeve of cookies when she woke up.
Now, from Sam's point of view, this must have been huge!  "Here I am on a Saturday morning, cozy in bed with mom, eating cookies." he must have thought, "how great is this!"

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