Wednesday, April 05, 2006

PJ says: 4.5.2006

Last week at nursery school they were teaching about child animals.  So a baby sheep is a lamb, a baby goat is a kid, etc..  When it was PJ's turn, they asked him what a baby cow was.  Without hesitation he answered, "Hamburger!"

Also, last week, as we were putting Pajama's on I remarked that Sam is built more like me (chunky).  PJ said that he wanted to look like me.  I told him that his face looked like me, but that he inherited traits from both sides of his family, from mom and her parents, and from myself and my parents.  PJ paused, then looked at me.  "Wow, I can't believe your dad is dead!  He must have died a liek just before I was born!."  His tone was amazement, as if I had six fingers or had suddenly grown a third eye.

We were at the Seven-Eleven this weekend, getting slurpies.  Slurpies can actually become a food group if you eat enough of them.  A young aguy at the corner asked PJ, "I bet you can't wait to go fishing, huh?"

"No, we're going to Best Buy to get Yoshi's Island for our Gameboy."

"Yoshi's Island, wow, I used to play that on my Super Nintendo.  Do you remember what a Super Nintendo is?"

"I have a Super Nintendo, I like to play Mega Man on it."

"Mega Man, oh that's tight.  Which version of Mega Man do you like?"

"I only have Mega Man 1"

"You should get Mega Man 3.  Mega Man 3 is the best.  I used to have a Sega too, I..."

"I have a Sega, well, I can play Sonic, but only on the computer."

"Ok, PJ," I interrupted, "We need to go"  there were at this point about twelve people waiting to buy there morning coffee and cigarettes, and they didn't look very happy about PJ and how he was bonding over video games with the Seven-Eleven guy.  "Say thank you."

"Thank You."  He muttered.  He always mutters, when he says please or thank you, and he looks at his feet when he says it.  

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