Saturday, January 07, 2006


My brother and I have made a bet over the new years. We both plan on
losing thirteen percent of out body wieght over the next six months
in time for our vacation at schroon lake.

Start and finishing weigh ins shall be witnessed by spouses.

The loser, someone who does not reach goal weight by July 4th, while
the other does, will have to cook a chicken barbecue for everyone
while dressed up in a girly-girl dress.

I am a proponent of weekly weigh-ins - but we will see how that goes.

About the thirteen percent, for me its about 30 pounds, and I am five
foot ten, so those in the advanced math group now know how just how
fat I am. And contrary to my many claims, its not muscle either. Its
fat, its all fat.

According to mom's very accurate scale, over new year's I weighed in
at 229.8 pounds, not counting the extremely heavy towel I was wearing.
So 200 makes my goal weight, and my first weigh in will be on Sunday
night on my less accurate scale at home.

I don't have the official word on Mike's starting weight yet, but its
even more than mine. Yikes.


Anonymous said...

Girly girl dress - what week are you taking vacation? That's a sight we would not want to miss.
Nancy Shaw

Anonymous said...

it will be up at schroon lake, over the 4th. all are invited (grin) --Pete

Anonymous said...

when is this, fly fishing?

mark said...