Wednesday, January 25, 2006

nothin' goin on 1-25-2006

Nothing much going on these days.  I need to get a bunch of photos from Christmas posted up here.  PJ has learned he can shake his booty, much to our delight.  Anna asked Kathleen about puberty in a whisper at the dinner table, and I heard the word 'bra' muttered under her breath.  I just pretended not to notice.  It seems that some of Anna's second grade friends have claimed to have started puberty already.   I felt like screaming and jumping out the window, and running down the road, like Homer Simpson does some times.

It is less than two weeks until we go to St. Marten!  Oddly, I am looking forward to it, but I have really been digging my little routine these past few weeks, of doing nothing much and hanging around the house.  But vacation will be cool, and for once I might bring a little energy with me into it.

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