Sunday, December 25, 2005


PJ Said to me yesterday. "Dad, I like traffic." This was of course
while we were in a car and sitting in traffic.

"PJ, why do you like traffic?"

"Because you just sit there and you don't have to do anything!" He
said, and he really meant it. Kind of scary.

We went and looked at Christmas lights Friday night. One house had a
really nifty setup, lots of lights and displays. There was even a guy
dressed up like Santa in the front yard. We pulled up.

I rolled down the passenger window where PJ was sitting. Anna jumped
out of her seat and stuck her head out the window as well. Santa
walked up to the car and leaned forward. "Ho, ho, ho! he began."

Suddenly, I think Isis didn't like how close this stranger had gotten.
She jumped forward, and there now was a big dog head next to the two
children. "Hello there!" Santa chuckled, a little startled. That's
one way to scare santa.

Anna was unsuccessful in her quest to spot Santa. Santa came early
and left his presents before her alarm went off. Undeterred, Anna is
looking forward to next year.

A big MERRY CHRISTMAS to everybody. Also, my apologies to those who
didn't get Christmas cards this year. Mark MacGregor, we don't have
your current address. Jeannie and Tom Cahill moved I guess, there
card bounced back Nancy Wallace's mail didn't get forwarded, but I
think we sent out a replacement. Anybody else we missed? Shoot me an
email or sign the guestbook and I'll put you on the list.

Pete Shaw 12-25-2005

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