Thursday, October 13, 2005

update on Sam's injury...

Kathleen and Sam got back three hours later.  Sam was asleep. 

Sam was a trooper in the emergency room, and waited the two hours in the emergency room with nary a cry.

Evidently Sam had needed one subdural stitch, which is a layer of fat and muscle under the skin. He also needed five exterior stitches. So it was a very deep cut, but other than that not a serious injury.  All is well. 

After the stitches were put in, he pretty much fell asleep/passed out before the nurse could get back.

I tried to explain to PJ and Anna why they need to be careful when rough-housing with your siblings, and I restrained my knee jerk reaction, which was to slap PJ in the face and say loudly "In this house we don't hurt each other!" 

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Anonymous said...

we have super nintendo in our suite and currently my suitemates & their guy friends are all glued infront screaming and playing it. however, i'm convinced if PJ were here he'd kick all their butts.