Wednesday, October 12, 2005

SAM's turn at the emergenc y room

Tonight we all went to church dinner. We came home, and were all watching "The Most Extreme" on Animal Planet, which is a favorite with the kids.

PJ and Sam were playing in the hallway. Suddenly, Sam was crying, not any more than the usual "I fell down" kind of cry. Kathleen scooped him up.

I checked on Kathleen a few minutes later, when I noticed she was still in the bathroom. She lifted the cloth covering Sam's forehead and raised an eyebrow at me. There was a gash, deeper than I could tell, about as wide as nickel, just over Sam's left eyebrow. Stitches, I thought to myself.

Kath and Sam left shortly. I am still waiting to here back from them. Loudoun's ER usually backs up pretty bad, so it may take a while. Hopefully they will get back soon. I'll post an update when I hear more.

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