Friday, October 21, 2005

Anna plans a Santajacking 10-20-2005

As I hold this paper in my shaking hands, I can only think that I must warn him somehow. Be careful Santa. My children are waiting for you.

Anna's Plan for Christmas eve

1. set my alarm clock late
2. wake up when alarm clock goes of
3. wake up pj
4. tip toe dounstares
5. find spider web and bones
6. put bones on pj
7. go in to tv room
8. hide behind red chair
9. wait
10. when santa is in the chimney let pj go out
11. put webs on chimney bottom
12. let pj tell the truth
14. get bottles 2 white 2 spray 2 water bottles take cap off
15. fill spray bottles with ice cold water
16. fill water bottles with snow
17. fill white bottles with ice
18. help with stackings
19. put ice cold water snow and ice on people we don't like
20. go home
21. torcher him to give us extra present and rain deer and raindeer sled




The backstory behind the listmaking is pretty interesting too, but less funny. Anna has been having a tough time lately on some of her longer homework assignments, and I showed her a neat little procrastination breaking trick. You break down the assignment into little five minute chunks, make a list of each chunk, and set a timer for five minutes. Your goal for that five minutes is just to knock out one item on the list. She loved it! Having one little five minute goal is much less onerous than a great big hour long goal, and she sailed through a couple of big homework assignments pretty easily, knocking them off bit by bit. And now she is demonstrating her organizational skills with a cool little list and a plan for kidnapping good old Saint Nick. I am just so damn proud of her.

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Aunt Ginny said...

That cracks me up. I love the actual list....she such a planner...what's that part about Money? Santa has money at the target?????