Saturday, October 29, 2005

PJ helps with mowing the lawn 10-29-2005

So far he is doing this voluntarily. (heh, heh)

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Friday, October 28, 2005

miscellaneous ramblings as halloween approaches 10-28-2005

I like the way in olden times people would write cheezy poetry to commemorate great occasions.  I would like to bring that tradition back a little bit, maybe post some way-too-corny poems around the holidays.

Sam is healing.  I have gotten a lot of great feedback about Anna's list, and her wonderful little mind that keeps churning up stuff.  I asked Kathleen the other day if she knew that Jack Black was in the upcoming movie "King Kong".  She looked at me.  Then I asked if she knew who Jack Black was.  Anna piped up.

"He's in Shark Tales.  He plays a shark."

"How do you know that?"  I asked.

"I saw it in those words at the end of the movie."

Well, first off my seven year old daughter is reading the movie credits.  But more amazing, she remembers things from them?  This is pretty much disconnected information, so to remember this she is having pretty much cold recall.  Wow.  I, he who can not remember to take his lunch to work unless you physically tie the car keys to them, am amazed.

Back when PJ pushed Sam over and he hurt his head I had several long talks with PJ.  I wanted to make an impression on him, and I didn't want to yell, or just punish him.  So I tried talking.  We talked and talked.  I thought it had helped.

When grandma was watching the kids so that Kathleen and I could soak in Roman Tubs in the Berkely Springs, PJ was acting up.  Rita told him to stop goofing around.  He continued to goof around.  She told him to go to his room.

"My daddy just talks to me!."  He said.  Great!  So now daddy is a wimp.  I'm not even as tough as grandma.  Oh, well, there are worse things I suppose.  I can see it now, PJ holding something, and me saying "PJ!  you put that down this second or I'll, I'll, expose my sensitive side to you in calm discourse!  I am serious!  I am going to start counting!  3 - 2 - 1..."

Sam is saying things like, "I can't like that daddy."  and in addition to adding "why" to every explanation, he is offereing up "because" as a generic answer.  Last night I put all the kids to bed.  Sam seemed upset, so I went into his room.

"Sam, is everything okay?"

"unh-unh" He said, and shook his head from side to side.

"Is there something you want?"  I asked.


"What can I do for you, Sammy-boo?" I asked.

"You go out"  He said.

"You want me to leave?"  I asked.

"unh-unh"  He nodded his head.  I left and he went back to sleep.  He probably just didn't want me to talk to him.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Anna plans a Santajacking 10-20-2005

As I hold this paper in my shaking hands, I can only think that I must warn him somehow. Be careful Santa. My children are waiting for you.

Anna's Plan for Christmas eve

1. set my alarm clock late
2. wake up when alarm clock goes of
3. wake up pj
4. tip toe dounstares
5. find spider web and bones
6. put bones on pj
7. go in to tv room
8. hide behind red chair
9. wait
10. when santa is in the chimney let pj go out
11. put webs on chimney bottom
12. let pj tell the truth
14. get bottles 2 white 2 spray 2 water bottles take cap off
15. fill spray bottles with ice cold water
16. fill water bottles with snow
17. fill white bottles with ice
18. help with stackings
19. put ice cold water snow and ice on people we don't like
20. go home
21. torcher him to give us extra present and rain deer and raindeer sled




The backstory behind the listmaking is pretty interesting too, but less funny. Anna has been having a tough time lately on some of her longer homework assignments, and I showed her a neat little procrastination breaking trick. You break down the assignment into little five minute chunks, make a list of each chunk, and set a timer for five minutes. Your goal for that five minutes is just to knock out one item on the list. She loved it! Having one little five minute goal is much less onerous than a great big hour long goal, and she sailed through a couple of big homework assignments pretty easily, knocking them off bit by bit. And now she is demonstrating her organizational skills with a cool little list and a plan for kidnapping good old Saint Nick. I am just so damn proud of her.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

update on Sam's injury...

Kathleen and Sam got back three hours later.  Sam was asleep. 

Sam was a trooper in the emergency room, and waited the two hours in the emergency room with nary a cry.

Evidently Sam had needed one subdural stitch, which is a layer of fat and muscle under the skin. He also needed five exterior stitches. So it was a very deep cut, but other than that not a serious injury.  All is well. 

After the stitches were put in, he pretty much fell asleep/passed out before the nurse could get back.

I tried to explain to PJ and Anna why they need to be careful when rough-housing with your siblings, and I restrained my knee jerk reaction, which was to slap PJ in the face and say loudly "In this house we don't hurt each other!" 

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

SAM's turn at the emergenc y room

Tonight we all went to church dinner. We came home, and were all watching "The Most Extreme" on Animal Planet, which is a favorite with the kids.

PJ and Sam were playing in the hallway. Suddenly, Sam was crying, not any more than the usual "I fell down" kind of cry. Kathleen scooped him up.

I checked on Kathleen a few minutes later, when I noticed she was still in the bathroom. She lifted the cloth covering Sam's forehead and raised an eyebrow at me. There was a gash, deeper than I could tell, about as wide as nickel, just over Sam's left eyebrow. Stitches, I thought to myself.

Kath and Sam left shortly. I am still waiting to here back from them. Loudoun's ER usually backs up pretty bad, so it may take a while. Hopefully they will get back soon. I'll post an update when I hear more.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Sam just went through a round of stomach flue, and threw up in the following places.

On himself.
In his bed.
In the kitchen.
In the family room.
On the red chair.
On the sidewalk near the office supply store.

and the number one place Sam threw up is....

In the hallway outside the principal's office at Anna's school! 

Monday, October 03, 2005

blackmailing the tooth faerie 10.2.2005

Anna was writing a note when Kathleen came into her room the other day.

"What are you writing?" Kathleen asked.

"Nothing" Anna replied and hid the note quickly.

"Can I see it?" Kathleen asked, now curious.

"No, its a secret." Anna said.

"Allright, fine." Kathleen just waited until Anna was asleep and then snuck in her room and read the note. She does stuff like this all the time. She is way sneakier than I am. For that matter, so are the children.

The background to this story is as follows. The tooth faerie has been coming for many years to our children, and originally gave them a single silver dollar, the same as Kath recalls from our youth. Anna was griping that this dollar cannot be spent, and so the tooth faerie, in a moment of generosity, began delivering a combo package; a single dollar bill and a silver dollar, thus simultaneously satisfying the need for nostalgia and practicality.

Anna's note read:
Dear Tooth Faerie,

I will not give you any more teeth until you leave three dollars.