Wednesday, August 24, 2005

This and That 8-24-2005

I apologize for the long silences. Life can get so busy it is hard to remember to keep loging things. The french invasion is over and our third studen, Sigo, has returned to france. Nice to have some visitors, nice to have the house back to ourselves.

Kathleen is at the beach with all three children. I went and saw "The 40 year old Virgin" at the movies tonight. Pretty funny. It is also pretty funny that I went by myself, and that I recently turned 40. There were a bunch of kids watching the movie and sitting behind me. As I left I turned to face them, raised my fist and waived it, saying, "don't look at me, I have three children." Well not really, but the thought struck me as a funny one.

I found out yesterday that come the end of September I will be once again entering the job market. Another short term contract. What a drag.

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