Friday, July 15, 2005

TRILINGUAL 7-15-2005

I thought this was pretty funny, Kathleen had to take the kids to the doctor, so when I got home, our two English Language students, Barbara, who is from the Basque province of Spain, and Juliet, who lives near Paris in France, were watching the Simpsons. It was disc 1 season 1.

They were watching the Simpsons with audio dubbed in French, with Spanish subtitles. The funny part was, I started watching it with them, and I didn't need either the audio or the subtitles, since I have long ago used up valuable memory space by memorizing mostly all of the older Simpsons episodes.

Juliet didn't understand. She changed the language back to English, being polite. "No,its alright. Look!" Bart and Lisa were playing scrabble. "Bart's next word is KWIJIBU. K-W-I-J-I-B-U." Sure enough, the Bart played that work. We watched a few more episodes, and I real feel like I have accomplished some progress towards global unity, courtesy of a certain four fingered yellow disfunctional family.

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