Tuesday, July 12, 2005

RIP Patra May 1995 - July 1 2005

I wanted to put one last post in about when I brought Patra in to the vet. This was pretty difficult for me, because she was such a good friend and we all loved her so much, and also because it came up so suddenly. I still unconsciously look over my shoulder when I back up my office chair to make sure that I don't run her over.

The vet was very understanding, he was a great guy. I got home from work and basically had to stare at the clock for an hour before it was time to bring Patra in. I got her to go in the backyard with me for a little while, but she couldn't really move around that much without paint so I didn't push it.

When I brought Patra in, I asked the vet if this was really the best thing for the dog. He showed me where the cancer was in her leg, and told me that her body was riddled with it; in her bones, and her stomach, and that was just what they knew about.

I asked him why we hadn't noticed any of this. He said that Labs are generally such stoic dogs that it is hard to tell when they are in any pain, He also told me that he had a six year old golden retriever that he lost the same way a few years before.

I rermember telling Anna about some of this, and she told me that next time she wants to get a dog that is not a Labrador. A dog that is not a Labrador will show pain and we will know when she is sick and when she needs to go to the doctor. This really broke my heart, hearing her say all this.

So I brought Patra into the vets office, and I had to carry her onto the table. I remember the syringe was filled with a blue liquid, it was very clear and dark. Patra exhaled twice. I asked the vet if that was the first show. I thought that they gave one shot to make her sleep and another to put her down, but he said that in general we as people tend to treat dogs more humanely than we treat ourselves.

I go to the vet today to pick up the ashes, which we are going to bury in our backyard somewhere. And now I am saying one last goodbye to an old friend.

I took this out in the yard a little while before I brought Patra in. Posted by Picasa

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