Friday, July 01, 2005

Patra needs to go the vet one last time 7.1.2005

Kathleen called me this morning, when I was almost at work. She had just finished a long conversation with the Vet. Basically, Patra's life has become so uncomfortable that the best choice is for her to be put down. I have to take her over tonight around 5:30PM.

As I work, as I sit hear, I keep looking at my watch. I wonder how she will react to being brought to the vet. If she will know. What thoughts a dogs mind can hold. How depressing this all is, I think to myself. She has been a good friend all these years and now it is time to say goodbye.

Patra's behavior reflects the pain she is in. She has been 'denning', or curling up in quiet dark places where no one will bother her. This is a sign that an animal is sick, and/or in pain. Her hind left leg is lame that she can barely stand on it. Part of the problem was that it was so hard to tell that she was sick. She never whimpered, or snapped, or whined, or had any visible symptoms at all until it was far to late to do anything about them.

Well, this will end her pain and bring her some peace and ultimately it is the best that can be done, I think to myself. I bring her to the Vet at 5:30PM tonight. Six hours and twelve minutes, I think, as I look at my watch again.

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auddy said...

i'm so sorry to hear this! i'm bummed i didn't get to see patra one last time. your house will feel one child emptier without her :(