Thursday, June 30, 2005

From the Archive: Anna at 2: 200-7-22

I caught Anna at a rare thoughtful moment when she wasn't crying or fighting, but in a thoughtful moment. Seems so long ago. Also, she looks so much like Sam does now. Interesting, me thinks.

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Patra, our loyal and much loved pooch, has been feeling more and more sick lately. Kathleen called me after visiting the vet with her today, and it doesn't look good. The vet mentioned her possibly having cancer, although he's not exactly sure what kind of the extent of her illness.

I am feeling pretty bummed about the whole thing right now, I had figured she was sick but thought it was just 'old dog disease' or maybe Lyme disease. Dogs don't live that long; that's just the way they're made. But Patra has been around longer than any of our children, and almost as long as we've been married. It seems like an impossibly long time and I can't imagine her not being around. Poor thing, she's been limping around a lot lately too. So I am in a very 'be nice to the dog' frame of mind right now. Maybe I'll buy some cheeseburgers on the way home. :^)

Saturday, June 25, 2005

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Anna's Spring Party - April '05

From the archives. A collage of photos from Annas had a spring party back in April. here are a few photos from then. Posted by Hello

Anna's Spring Party -- Next stop: the phone booth! Posted by Hello

Anna's Spring party. Boy kids are so cute when you paint their faces.  Posted by Hello

Me on the other hand... I don't know... Its just not workin' for me. Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 18, 2005


We are having a barbecue up at the Harper's Ferry KOA today, and then Anna, PJ, and I are staying the night in our newly renovated popup trailer. Should be a relaxing time. I am looking forward to it after a busy week.

Friday, June 17, 2005

SAM IS AT IT AGAIN... 6-17-2005

Kathleen was at the computer this morning when she heard the phone ringing. When she went to anser the phone, she noticed on the caller ID that the number was... her cell phone.

Hmmm, she thought, maybe Pete took my cell phone by accident. "Hello" she said.

"Hi Momma!" Sam said with a smile from across the room, holding her cell phone. He must have hit the redial, of a speed dial button. And he was very proud of himself.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


On Monday morning I was getting ready for work. I was excited, because I had just gotten my this fancy new MP3 player, and I was going to listen to it on my drive in. I stuck the MP3 player (and the cable for it) in the top of my briefcase, brought my briefcase up from the basement to the kitchen, sat it on the kitchen counter, and poured myself a quick cup of coffee. A few seconds later, I was heading out the door.

Only the cable for my MP3 player was now gone, missing from my briefcase. I needed the cable to hook up the MP3 player to my car stereo, so I was a little frustrated. I looked in my briefcase, it wasn't there. I walked back inside, past everyone waving to me, and went downstairs and looked for it.It wasn't in the kitchen, or in the basement. The cable wasn't anywhere. I scratched my head and went off to work without it.

A few days later Kathleen calls me and tells me that the cable was in the basket of toilet paper in the bathroom, under all the rolls of toilet paper. I took me a while but I figured out what had happened. Sam must have crept up to my briefcase while we were all standing there, plucked the cable out of my briefcase, and squirreled it away in the bathroom for later play. All of this rught under my nose. Of course then he forgot about it, or never bothered to get it again. Sneaky little Sammy-boo.

Saturday, June 04, 2005


I had a quick exchange with my wife this morning. We were watching "The Today Show" and they were doing a special on the addiction some people face of compulsive shopping. They kept showing these immaculately dressed, well coiffed women, faces blurred, talking about how their shopping habits had cost them their savings, their marriage, and more.

At some point Kathleen said, "Hmmm, do you think I am a compulsive shopper?"

To which I replied, "No, I don't think Wal-Mart counts."

It was good for a quick laugh.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

In the Night Kitchen 6-2-2005

I picked up a book in the library the other day, when I went there with Anna and PJ. The book, In the Night Kitchen, is written and illustrated by Maurice Sendack, who also penned "Where the Wild Things Are."

It is great! We have enjoyed it immensely, and it hits the perfect tone of slightly creepy or different, but funny and fantastic at the same time. Highly reccomended. Its right up there with "Oh the Places You Will Go."