Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The long month of April

Rita was complaining to Kathleen the other day, "Pete never writes anything anymore, all he does is post pictures!"

Well, I guess it is true that I am guilty of this. Thanks to this wonderful software from Google, it is now a lot easier for me to toss up a few photos than it is for me to write anything. So I have been lazy. I also have been pretty busy. I have been umemployed for almost a month now, and believe me, looking for a job is way more demanding than having one. The job market is pretty strong, luckily, so I am not too worried yet, and this time off has given me a chance to study up on my microsoft certifications, do some technical reading. Lots of good skills.

I got in a fender bender the other day, early on in the month. I was driving down North street, in the middle of Leesburg, when a car darted out from a side street and pulled across the street and into me. I had right of way, and there was a van parked in the side street that blocked the man's line of sight. It was only a little more than a bump. PJ was in the back seat. We exchanged information, and then I continued on my way to the Wal-Mart. PJ, sitting in the back seat, said, "Daddy, why did you hit that man's car?"

"Well, PJ" I said and took a long breath, the way I do when I want to sound like my patience is being strained, "I didn't hit him, he hit me."


I should have left it there. But I had to ask. "PJ, did you see the accident?"


"Well, who's fault did you think it was?"

"Yours. You hit that man's car."

"Well, but didn't he hit my car too?"

"No, you drove your car right into that man's car."

I sigh, and drive on. Its just a bump on the fender. My son thinks its my fault. "OK, thanks, PJ." And this is the kind of week I have been having right there.

One thing that is cool about being unemployed is that you get to see your children a lot more. One thing about being unemployed that is really annoying is that your children know where you are and assume that you are fair game. When I tell them to get lost, they go upstairs and ask mom why daddy is working in the basement and why is he so grumpy.

Sam has been his usual old cheerful self. We are trying to get him to get out of his cric and start sleeping in a big boy bed. We set up an elmo-bed, with his favorite elmo sheets, and an elmo pillow. Sam loves to play in it, but if you make like you are about to leave the room, leave him to sleep in his elmo bed, then he will dart across to the crib, and climb up inside it in a flash. He can enter and exit his crib at will, the little monkey. Of course he never does. More than any other, Sam is appearing to be as much a creature of habit as his mother.

Last weekend I went to Anna's first (and last, at least for the moment) softball game. There are some things that my daughter seems extremely well suited to. Softball is not one of them, less so even than basketball. I think its great that she wants to try all of these things; she seems quite fearless of trying and failing. I hope she never has to unlearn that precious skill.

I also watched PJ take a swim lesson last Monday. That was awesome, he is so ready for swimming now. It will be fun this year up at schroon lake. Their were three other girls in his class, and they were all sort of timid. He kept wandering off away from the teacher and had to be called back. He insisted on wearing his new dorky blue swim goggles.

One more story about Sam. He had a big splinter stuck in the meaty part of the pad of his foot. I held him down while Kathleen took it out. I started to put a blanket over his and my head so he wouldn't see Kath and the tweezers going at his foot. I have lots of bad splinter memories. Espiecially with Anna. I think with PJ we just left them in him, Anna was so bad. PJ probably has lots of wood ships embedded in his body just because Anna would scream, contort herself, writhe, cry, all before you even looked at the splinter. It got worse from there.

So Sam started to writhe, and I thought "oh, here we go again." But he jsut wanted to see his mom. I took the blanket off and he just lay there without moving while Kathleen pulled the splinter out. He was so peaceful it was bizarre. The pain didn't seem to faze him. Just as long as he got to see (said most lovingly) *mom*.

Anna had her Spring Party this past weekend. Anna was in pig heaven, there she was, having a party, for no particular reason, and *ALL* of the sixteen children showed up. Of course it rained, and all the little gremlins had to be corraled inside the house. We played pass the pickle, musical chairs, had face painting, painted flower pots, made fingerprint art, and had make-your-own sundays. A most excellent time was has by all children. Kathleen was just a wee bit uptight about the whole thing, but she pulled it off and it was a great time for everyone. I'll be posting a bunch of photos from the party up next. That's it for now, wish me luck with my job search!

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