Monday, April 18, 2005

Ellie's 70th birthday party photos

I missed getting the really cool pictures from the track the following night. We all had a great time visiting my Mom for her 70th birthday party. It was a whole weekend affair. On Friday night we hung out and relaxed. Saturday night we went to Saratoga for a wonderful dinner and a great night spent out on the Saratoga Harness track. There was even a race named after our party, "The Shaw Celebration".

Then it was back home so that Kathleen and I could grab two hours of sleep before our cherubic offspring lept from their beds with the excitement of a new day.

By Sunday we were all kind of tired, and a smaller group went out to George's for the evening, where Irene entertained us all by channeling Denma's outrageoud behavior.

Monday we all drove home in the van. It was a wonderful weekend and was full of great memories for everyone.

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