Sunday, March 13, 2005

"Hey, you talk like Dora!" 3-13-2005

Verizon is digging all through our neighborhood. They are installing Fiber to the Premise, or so I have been told. It all soundsd very

As a byproduct of this, guys are digging big trenches through our yard. Patra, interestingly enough, declared armistice on all the contruction workers, and would go out in the back yard and walk between them, bored, until she found a place to pee and then ran back inside. But heaven forbid the Federal Express man should try to deliver a package! Boy, you want to here some angry dog barking action, just wait for the Fed Ex guy.

PJ was fascinated by these workers, all of whom spoke no english except for the foreman. PJ would go out there and talk to them.
"Ola" one man said to PJ.

"Hey, you talk like Dora!" PJ replied, thinking of Dora the Explorer, one of his favorite tv shows.

Kathleen would watch PJ talking to one of the men. He would be working, then PJ would start talking to him. She couldn't here anything through the window, but the man would stop working while PJ talked. The, when PJ stopped, he would look down and conttinue
working. Kathleen called fore him to come in.

"Sorry, I have to go inside now." PJ said.

The man looked at him, then as PJ left to go inside, he looked down and continued digging.

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