Sunday, January 30, 2005


A few people have noticed that there was an irate Russian named Jenya who posted a profane and angry message on my guestbook. Interestingly, I did a little research and this Jenya it seems, has been posting the exact same message on 837 web pages to date. This leaves two possibilities; either Jenya is in fact, a spam robot searching for guestbooks to later post to, or possibly she (he?) is a just some very angry person, roaming the web and spreading angry “your web site is stupid” type messages. Anyway, I blocked ‘em. Let me know if it happens again. I can lock down the guest book, but its sort of fun when people say hi.

I am going on a V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N! The wifey and I are going along with some local friends to cruise on the Norwegian Sun, heading to Miami, Honduras, Belize, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and back. The children will be staying with their grandmothers, god bless ‘em. Kath and I are greatly looking forward to our little break.

Kathleen took Anna to a lock-in this weekend. More Girl Scout stuff, they go and spend the night in some large building with hundred’s of other brownies, planning no doubt what I like to think of as “phase four”: total world domination. All that cookie money has to be going somewhere.

So I get the guys to bed. (BTW, every time the girls leave the house and its just PJ and Sam and I, I always start singing at random intervals “men, men, men, men,…” and it drives PJ nutty! “STOP SINGING THAT!” he barks at me. ) I am watching the Sci-Fi channel, because that what computer programmers do when they have free time. PJ comes down the stairs and walks into the room, around 10:30PM or so. I let him hop up on the couch with me and eat my popcorn and drink my soda and its all good, we’re just hanging out. Then a preview came on for a movie that happened to be set on a cruise ship.

“Look, PJ! A big ship, just like the one that mommy and daddy are going on vacation on.”

“OK” PJ said, a little blankly.

Unfortunately, this was a commercial for “Cruise of the Lizard-Demon,” a sub B movie being shown on SciFi later that night, after the star trek re-runs and before the infomercials. So the next thing they showed on the commercial was this giant iguana-man jumping out onto the Lido deck and hissing at Isaac, the Bartender, who then screamed and ran off somewhere.

“Uh, the cruise ship mommy and daddy are on won’t have any monsters like that.”

“Oh.” PJ said, in the exact same tone. “Can I have some more popcorn?” A few minutes later he was asleep on the couch.

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