Wednesday, December 08, 2004

PJ KNOWS POKEMON - 12-8-2004

PJ rented the video game Pokemon Stadium this weekend. A pretty complex game for a four year old, and he pretty much holed up in the basement and played it as much as we would let him all weekend. He's the low maintenance child, at least for now. All he wants to do is eat junk food and play video games. I wonder where he gets such poor habits from. Oh, yeah, I remember now. Its from me. :^)

The game has all these menus, with written choices. Like 'press A to attack, B to defend, etc." Also, there are all these different Pokemon names you sort of need to know. I watched him play. He spelled out the name aloud "C-H-A-R-M-A-N-D-E-R", the game spoke aloud "Pokemon Charmander enters the stadium."

I'm thinking to myself, "He's teaching himself to read by himself playing video games?" I suddenly felt both proud and guilty. Proud, at PJ for figuring this out on his own. Guilty, for not being there to teach him, for him having to learn this on his own. I went back upstairs and left him in his little bean bag chair playing his game, in awe of how those little wheels in his head can turn, with or without our help.

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