Monday, December 20, 2004



Christmas approaches and all through the house, there's a stressing
and a yellin' that would scare off a mouse. This has been a busy
month. Between studying for my exam, and looking for a job, and all
the holiday activity. Very busy.

Tons of stuff going on too. My job search may have ended, I'll have
confirmation tonight. We spent the weekend laying about the house.
It was very relaxing. Built a nice warm fire and listened to the wind
blow. We were going to watch a video Friday night, but then Kath
ended up sleeping in the lazy-boy while I studied for my latest
Microsoft Certification on the laptop.

PJ spent the week at the 'Cow House with Gagi'. He had a great time,
and really like to put on his cowboy boots and go watch the cow
auctions. He also was fascinated by how they checked to see if a cow
was pregnant or not. It involved putting on shoulder length rubber
gloves. Better than the discovery channel! PJ also managed to single
handedly reprogram Ed and Rita's tv and Satelite receiver, to the
point where a repairman had to be called in. He's a button pusher,
that one.

Anna has started to make a very noticable gesture, whenever I am
talking to her. You see, I have no credibility with my children,
because I tell stories, jokes, and generally exaggerate things. So
when I am speaking with Anna, often she'll look past me at Kathleen,
looking for a nod, a shake, or a shrug. Then she knows whether or not
to take me seriously. So I'll start with something like, "Anna, when
I was your age I lived in a book of matches in the middle of an eight
lane freeway, and I was happy to have that. You need to be more
grateful for that creamed broccoli you have on your plate there. I
once went for two years with nothing more than a bowl of hot steam.
And I was grateful for that steam too. We didn't complain back in
those days."

Then the look. Then Kathleen shakes her head, usually when I can't
see, a subtle gesture. Its only then I get the smile. "Daddy, I know
you're just JOKING me." She says, grinning.

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