Saturday, September 11, 2004


This is a story relayed to me secondhand from my friend Rob, who cam up with his wife Tina to Sampson with us year. They've been coming for years and are very good friends.

PJ is able to go the bathrrom by himself for the most part. That is to say Number One is no problem for him any more, although he isn't always the best about remembering to wash his hands. Number Two, on the other hand, requires assistance usually. While we were camping at Sampson though, sometimes PJ would sneak off to the bathroom, a very short walk away from where we all were camping, and use the bathroom on his own.

Rob went into the bathroom one time and saw PJ sitting in front of the stall in the bathroom on the floor with his pants off, trying to dress himself.

"PJ, what are you doing?" Rob asked, wondering why he was rolling around on the dirty cement floor of the public bathrooms.

"My mommy told me to put my pants on one leg at a time." PJ said grimly, "So I am sitting down on this NASTY floor putting my pants on!"

He knew it was a nasty floor. I myself had told him that a thousand times. "PJ, get off that nasty floor!" But he was doing what he was supposed to. It was funny, but then I guesss you had to be there.

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