Saturday, September 18, 2004


We had an outstanding time up at sampson this year I thought. This surprised me for several reasons. First of all, it was our first trip as a family with the pop up trailer. Second of all, it was the second time that we had attempted to go camping with sam, who at 18 months, is very mobile and very crazy. But it all somehow worked out wonderfully.

First of all, the weather cooperated nicely. It was sunny and warm all weekend, and mostly cool during the evening. The pop up trailer turned out to be a sturdy and comfortable way to spend the weekend. And while Sam proved most unwilling to spend any time at all in the pen we brought up to keep him in, he stayed with the other children for the most part.

Lots of fun stuff happenned. PJ loves to pee out of doors. We told him he had to pee against a tree,a nd he would walk until he found the nearest tree, even if it was seven feet from acrowd of people, drop his pants, and underwear, down to his ankles, and do his business. But he wasn;t alone in his desire to pee on a tree. Several other three and four year old boys did the same thing. Once I turned and found two of them oeeing against the same tree.

Anna was very well behaved the whole trip, although she resisted sleep as much as possible. On Friday niht her and two friends were watching movies in our car until 11:30 PM, after Kath had gone to sleep. Then I foolishly thought that she would sleep in, but no! She was awake and bouncing at 6:45 AM, bright and early.

The next night though, after a tough day of wineries followed by an equally tough night of sitting around the campfire, something wonderful happened. Anna came to me and said "Daddy, I am ready to go to sleep now." I looked at my watch. It was only 7:40 PM. Was it a trick? I brought Anna into the trailer, and then PJ came in. "Shhh, I said, Anna is trying to go to sleep."

"I want to go to sleep too." PJ said.

"Who are you and what have you done with my children?" I thought to myself.

And so, by eight pm all our children were asleep. I was free, free to stay up as late as I wanted around the campfire. Of course I only lasted a few more minutes. I was too tired.

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