Sunday, August 01, 2004


PJ threw a massive fit the other day at the post office. PJ was screaming and yelling so bad that she had to straop him down into Sam's stroller, carry Sam on her shoulder, and go into the post office and patiently wait in line with PJ yelling "Naooooooooo! I don't WANT to put on my SHOES! Aggggghheeeeeyahhh!" and struggling to get to out of his straps. The other parents looked on knowingly, and the non-parents pretended not to notice. The mission was a success though, and now Anna has postcard stamps for her trip to Florida.

I took PJ to work with me on Friday. He had a blast and was amazingly well behaved. He watched movies, played with his gameboy, annoyed all of my co-workers. But he left me alone for the most part, and I was very happy about him coming along.

Anna is going with her Grandparents to disneyworld or the week. She has found herself in pig heaven. Now I can't wait to heree how long it takes her to whip Disneyworld into shape.

Anna called from the airport in Virginia, and said that she was at the airport. She called again from the airport in Florida, just to announce her arrival. She was so proud of herself.

She called again todya, saying that "everywhere I go is big." I'll have more on her trip later.

While i was driving down to the campground in Virgina, PJ said to me, "Dad, did you know that google is a really big number?"

"It is?" I said, "How big is it?"

"Its about six hundred feet." The a pause. "And did you know the "sinity" was a really big number?"


"No, sinity."

"Finity?" I said, trying to figure out what he was saying."

"No, SINITY!" he said. "And, sinity is a really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really big number. And do you know how big sinity is?"


"Its about ten hundred feet."

Another thing PJ woould tell me about during the drive home is that his toes were dying and falling off. He only had seven left. Then, pieces of the car were turning brown and falling off.

One thing I was reminded of while camping, was that if PJ loses something, you can never get any meaningful information about that lost item from him ever again. If you ask him where it is he will say "Its there." and just point at some random thing nearby. Or he will say its in the car, or just make up some story. His connection with reality is so tenuous, that he really isn't sure what happened to those car keys he dropped under the trailer. Maybe they are still there, but maybe they were picked up by Zack and Wheezy and carried off to the land of dragons. Who can say?

We had a great time camping Yogi Bear's Jellystone park. We went swimming, we played vide games, we made smores around the campground. It was very nice. PJ threw a bunch of fits while we were there though, but I am pretty sure he had a good time. As we left, he waved goodbye to the giant statue of Yogi Bear, and said "goodby Yogi Bear! Dad. I am going to miss Yogi Bear's campground.

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