Sunday, August 29, 2004


Saturday night we were getting ready to go to the Eddie From Ohio concert at Wolf Trap. we had been looking forward to this all summer.

Kathleen was upstairs changing, and I see Anna sitting at the kitchen table. She had a list of all the students that she went to kindergarden with down from the refridgerator and was looking at it, and talking to someone on the phone.

"Anna, who are you talking to?" I asked her.

She put her hand over the phone. "Cole's mom." She said. She continued talking to Cole's mom.

"No, actually he was mean to me. He would make fun of me and laugh at me." She was listening to the voice on the other end of the phone. I was thinking to myself, "who's Cole, and why is she talking to his mom."

Anna was pacing while she talked on the phone, something she always does. I do it to, it must be an inherited trait. "No, its okay, I just ignored him. Do you know who is teacher is going to be next year?" She asked.

She is six and she is going through the list of people she went to kindergarden with and calling them all to find out who they are going to school with. I just shake my head and mutter to myself as I leave the room.

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