Wednesday, July 28, 2004


This past weekend we went out to the beach for a few days, which was cool.  Anna and PJ love the beach, and we stayed at Papa and Gagi's place, so the rent was cheap.   Ed even took Anna and PJ and I out fishing on Saturday, and we caught many a croaker. 

Sam is turning into more of a high energy nut job with every day.  It was all we could do to chase him around all weekend and try to keep him from toppling the TV onto his head.
Sam is developing his own form of sign language.  If you ask him a question and the answer is yes, then he shakes his whole body back and forth and makes a throaty grunting noise.  If the answer is no he waves his arms about and squeals.   If he wants something you have he makes a noise like "heeayo", and if that doesn't work he tries to bat it out of your hand. 

Anna is ramping up for her trip to Disneyworld with her grandparents, and by ramping up I mean driving us batshit.  She is constantly pacing, and talking, and climbing on things.  She sent out invitations to her birthday party, and then a few hours later she decided she couldn't stand the suspense and so she started calling everyone on the list.

PJ is going to work with me on Friday.  On Saturday we are going camping at Camp Jellystone in Luray, VA, and giving the old pop-up a test drive.  It should be fun.

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