Thursday, July 15, 2004

QUEST FOR TRAILER -- 7.15.2004

I wouldn't have posted anything
today, except there were so many kind words about my web page said to
me over vacation, that I sort of feel obligated to keep current. I
suppose its good for me to have an incentive, and it certainly does my
ego no harm. So to all my loyal readers out there, thank you! I
appreciate the encouragement.

We have been looking for a pop
up trailer lately. We are in that stage of out life. It makes the car
camping thing a lot more tolerable, plus there are so many great
campgrounds around these days. I got a great deal on this one on
ebay. (see it here) Only thing is, its in Boston. Ack! So this weekend
I will become the road warrior and make the cannonball run straight up
the Boston-DC metropolitan axis. There and back again. Just keep the
coffee comin' Grrrrrrrr!

I had to yell at Anna today because
she told me that her glasses were crooked, and she was going to bend
them back. The four hundred dollar glasses, the ones of which she had
already gone through two frames on in three months. So I yelled. Then
she went to her room and came back after a short while and told me that
I only had four chances, and that I had used one up. She was putting a
sticker on my name that she had written on a piece of paper. If I was
mean to her three more times then she was going to stop being nice to
me. It was a reverse of the whole one-two-three parenting thing. I
think it really bugs Anna on a personal level that she isn't in charge
of everything. We just won't do what she tells us and it bugs her to no
end. Our little cruise director.

Have I mentioned the pumpkin?
There is a giant pumpkin growing wild on our front porch, entirely
blocking the doorway. Anna planted the seeds this spring, and no one
thought it would grow, but it did. I'll try and put some photos up.

finally got a haircut. Hated to see those curly red locks go away, but
he was starting to look like to much of a girly man. Of course he still
looks a little like bozo.

PJ said to me this morning that he
didn't want me to go to work. Instead, we should go on another trip.
Sorry bud, maybe once we get that pop-up. :^)

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