Saturday, June 19, 2004

MISC -- 6.20.2004

I got a phone call from work the other morning. I was talking to Kath about the normal stuff when all of a sudden I heard, “PJ! Why don’t you have any clothes on?”

Then distantly, I hear PJ saying, “Because I am a dog”

Then Kathleen said “I have to go.” and hung up the phone on me. While this raised many questions with me, I figured I was better off not knowing what was happening out in Leesburg. You get used to these kinds of things happening.

I was putting Anna to bed, the other night, and she has a cross that is normally on top her dresser. It is a wooden biblical cross on a small stand, plain and unmarked. The cross was on her nightstand, and I went to put it back to where it belonged.
“No!” Anna exclamed. “That’s Jesus!” She looked worried. Anna thought I was going to throw it out, which would be anathema. Anna keeps everything, “I just want to keep it for memory” she says which is kind of cute until she’s keeping old ice cream bar wrappers for memory and they are attracting flies.

“Its okay honey, I am just going to put it on the dresser.”

“I pray to Jesus.” she says. “:Actually I pray to that and it goes up.” She points to the cross and then follows the top up with her finger, up to heaven. The cross has, in her mind, become some sort of Christian antenna. Everything has an explanation, in Anna’s world.

Sam, by contrast, has little reason in his world. Things just happen to him, and he expects us to keep him safe from harm no matter what he does. He came up behind me as I was shutting the pantry door. He at the same time put one small hand in the crack between the door and the hinge, and with the other started to push the door closed. I stepped out of the way and gave the door a swing. His fingers were stuck, pinched in the door. He started howling. The poor little guy. He’s all curly hair and curious energy these days, but the world is so unforgiving and he understands so little about things like if you fall two feet it hurts a lot more than one foot.

Life is moving along at an unhurried pace this summer. I just don’t want to make any trips anywhere. Travel is so difficult with the little munchkins. Anna’s last day at school was Wednesday. Kathleen keeps saying how now she understands why her mother hated the summer so much.

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