Monday, June 07, 2004


We did not go anywhere this memorial day weekend. Instead I worked on the playroom I am building in the basement. This is an ongoing project, and one that has given me a great deal of frustration. The driving factor behind the need for this playroom is our children, our lovable, clutter generating, messy, noisy children. We just want to give them the boot and send them downstairs. This also would free up the living and dining rooms, which now is knee deep in clutter.

Anna is a pack rat. She can have an old sticky wrapper for a frozen yogurt stick she just ate, and she will insist on keeping it 'just for the memory.' Its kind of a cute thing, at least until the wrapper begins to get a good stink to it. Multiply this times a hundred, no a thousand. This is our living room, now a playroom.

So I've got the framing up. My brother came down and helped me do that. Then Ed came over and helped me do the electrical. Paul helped me do the first day's worth of drywall. Its a work in progress. Patience is the key here. I just hope it looks okay when its done.

My Mom dropped in on us the following Thursday for the weekend. It was a surprise; we did not tell the kiddies that she was showing up. Kathleen just showed up at the airport, and, after some time spent circling, slowed down to pick up Nina. The kids were like, "Oh, hi, Nina." Like there was nothing more natural.

Friday morning I got a call from Kathleen saying that there was a snake on the porch. It was seven thirty in the morning and I was on the bus heading downtown. I said, "What exactly, is it that you propose I do?"

"Well, what should I do about the snake?"

"Ignore it, its harmless."

"But its CREEPY."

"How big is it?"

"A couple of inches."

"Try throwing something at it."

This is why I love being the dad. I may not make all of the decisions around here, but I get to solve all of the problems. Actually my mom, steeling herself, mangaed to scoop the snake up into a tupperware container. Then the whole brood trucked down to the Loudoun County Animal Control office. They confirmed that it was a milk snake, and was harmless and not at all some kind of s king mombo cobra pit viper.

PJ cleaned his room yesterday. His idea of cleaning his room is to take every single object not nailed down and put it in his bed. Exclduing the bed, the rest of the room was very clean.

And of course, the Cicadas. The Cicadas, which come around every 17 years in biblical hordes, are *everywhere*. Anna and PJ are delighted to have a ready supply of bugs to play with. It great fun!

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