Saturday, April 10, 2004


Anna just started wearing glasses this past week. Her perceived age just about doubled when she started wearing them. She looks so much like a plain old kid now, and not a little kid any more. It started when she was complaining about her vision, one eye was a little blurry. The doctor said that she has a lazy eye, and we tried her wearing a patch for a while, but that didn’t do much good.

So now Anna is wearing glasses, and not just glasses, bifocals. I feel so bad for the poor thing. She is reading now too, sounding out words fast enough so that she can just about understand the sentence that she is reading. It is amazing to watch her learn. Some thing so simple as reading is so easy to take for granted.

PJ, on the other hand, is quickly dropping through the ranks of our favorite children. Last Saturday he took a big black magic marker and drew big zig-zaggy lines down the wall on the staircase, over the walls we had just painted a few months back. I saw these big lines, and was furious. I ran down the stairs and grabbed PJ. “PJ!” I said, “why did you write on the walls?”

“I don’t know. I’m sorry”

So I am thinking to myself, He doesn’t know? How can he not know? Why would anyone do that? Maybe its some karmic revenge for my transgressions as a child. It’s a good thing these kids are so cute. Otherwise I don’t think anyone could put up with them for very long.

Also, Anna lost her first tooth. She was very excited about leaving it under her pillow, only she accidentally swallowed the tooth while eating a banana, so she had to leave a post-it note for the tooth fairy explaining what had happened, and leave that under her pillow. She is very proud of her newly minted gap in her teeth, though. She shows it to everyone. Neighbors, strangers at the Wal-Mart, cashiers at the supermarket. And the tooth fairy left her a real dollar and a silver one. How cool is that?

Sam has been walking since we just before we took our vacation, and he is starting to move around pretty quickly. All he takes are Frankenstein-style steps, though, with both of his arms outstretched and both knees locked. He doesn’t really have a gate, he just wobbles. His goal in life is to obtain that most prized possession, the telephone. Failing that a remote control is also quite good, but the real prize is the telephone. He lies in wait, watching waiting, curling his tongue against his mouth in concentration as he tries to reach up onto the table farther than he can see and snatch this wonderful thing. Sometimes he succeeds, too, and the runs away. Well he can’t actually run yet, so he Frankenstein-wobbles away at a good clip, laughing his crazy laugh, loving the game. He’s a fun kid.

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