Wednesday, March 10, 2004


I sometimes wonder why I am writing this thing. Its not about social networking, a newer term to describe the way younger people are tending to extend their lives into and throughout the internet. But my purposes are different here I think. This is more like a family album, a scrapbook of thoughts and pictures that hopefully Anna and PJ and Sam and the rest of us can all look back on when they're older.

So that's all, its just a little collection of cute bits. Strung together, they might be fun to browse through later on.

Kath and I go on vacation in a couple of days. Well, to be exact in 71 hours, 15 minutes, and 12 seconds I'm gonna be drinking a god-damn rum and coke somewhere on the eastern extremity of the Dutch side of St. Maarten, also known as the Netherland Antilles. While I am gone, our delightful and wonderful children will be cared for by not one, but both Grandma's in a contest of dueling spoilage. I happened to describe the situation to a woman on a bus (ok, I pretty much talk about this vacation to everyone I meet) and she said "You're mother and you're mother-in-law? it sounds like a sit-com!"

Well god bless 'em for letting Kathleen and I take this much needed break. Hopefully the next post up here will be lots of great photos from both the trip and from our kids time with the grannies.

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