Thursday, March 25, 2004


I suppose I should start this with another big round of applause for Ellie a.k.a Nina, my mom, and Rita a.k.a Gagi, Kath's mom, who were kind and gracious enough to come out and take care of our kids for the whole week so that we could be independant adults and relax for the week. I remember telling some woman on the commuter bus about them who said "You're mother AND you're mother-in-law? That sounds like a sit-com."

(I tell everyone. My co-workers were excited about me going on vacation just because they were sick of hearing me talk about it. I remember telling some homeless guy about my upcoming vacation. He eventually put down his styrofoam cup and told me to beat it.)

But they did get along, and as far as I know, the week went well. Anna and PJ got away with stuff. They insisted, for instance, that Mommy and Daddy always let them get in bed with them in their bedroom for a session of bedtime stories that would last up to two hours. Nina fell for it hook, line, and sinker. She would be patiently reading story after story to Anna while PJ jumped up and down, pogo-ing all over the bed.

At one point Gagi lost it a little while trying to get Anna ready for the bus and told Anna, "J---- C----- Anna! You're driving me crazy!" which is actually a phrase that Anna hears quite often in various forms.

After school though, Anna was very contrite, and said to Gagi, "I am sorry we had a hard time getting on the bus this morning."

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