Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I have slipped to number 15 on google. What can I do? I am on a googlequest.

Since I haven't posted anything about the St. Maarten trip, here is the one email I sent home to the grandmas while stopping at an internet cafe on vacation. I'll put more up later. I am in a post vacation slump. I keep asking Anna for a pena colada, and asking PJ to get me some grilled ribs , but it doesn't much help ease the pain :^).

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Subject: hello from st. maarten

Hello, Gagi and Nina!

first of all, the weather *IS*beautiful.

say hello to anna, and pj, and sam. I hope everyone is happy.

Rob, had to download some work stuff, sdo I surfed for a minute. Kath
and I went parasailing today and saw naked people at Club Orient.

Kath and Tina had massages yesterday. Both were very good. Our place is
great, and I am driving like a local (in the middle and no turn signals).

So happy. So peaceful. Went gambling last night, and lost 60, Kath lost
30. Didn't care. Happy times! :^)

thank you thank you thank you. all is well. hope same up in leesburg.


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