Monday, March 08, 2004


I may have said this already, but when your family gets sick it becomes an epic thing. First Anna or PJ will pick up something at school. Maybe Sam gets something at church in the nurserie. Then its in. The virus has free reign of the entire household, and quickly sweeps through.

There have been so many colds and flues this year that its hard to tell when one starts and one ends. Poor Sam is always the hardest hit. He just wants to be held, and he has a sort of sad and far off look on his face all the time. PJ gets whiny, and takes big naps during the afternoon that in turn enable him to stay up late enough to watvh Letterman. Anna isn't sick this time. Maybe its those tubes in her ears, or more likely it is through sheer will. She denies the flue. Kathleen and I are both fighting off this bout and its a bad one. I just feel sick to my stomach and dizzy all of the time. I am stoicly dragging myself to work no matter how sick I am. Besides, its easier there than it is at home!

We find out that Sam has bronchitis. He gets some antibiotics. We stay up on his medicine and its helping, but he's just so puny. Then one scary night Kath wakes me up literally wheezing for her breath. Her asthma is coming back. It left when her body became 'in a family way'. For some reason asthma is mediated when you are either pregnant or nursing, and Kath has been one way or the other for the last six years. But not any longer and the asthma comes back, brought on by this kicker virus no doubt.

Then Saturday PJ goes to the doctor. He too has bronchitis. He gets some meds, and sleeps on the couch all day. Poor little guy.

On Sunday I finally put together this big desk that I got for the front office. Its came in two bulky packages, with pieces of particleboard and authentic cherry veneer labelled in letters from A to WWW. It took all day to put together, me being all cough-y and thickheaded.

One more week to vacation. The grandmom's are convening to take care of this sick brood so that Mom and Dad can go sit in the sun for a week or so and pretend they are adults once again. The warm salt air will cure us I am sure, at least for the week we need it.

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