Friday, January 23, 2004


PJ is at an age where everything he says is a mumble or a whine and it makes it very hard to understand him. If you do take the time to listen to him though, he says the most hysterically funny things. And the expressions on his face accentuate this. His little eyebrows deeply furrow into a v to signify how serious he is, his Elmer Fudd type of lisp. Everything.

He said this the other day. I was asking him to eat his dinner I think. I asked him, "PJ, do you know why you have to eat your dinner?" I have a spiel I normally go through when it comes to the why questions. Usually its because I', the dad, or because I make the rules, or something like that. Well he must have been listing, because this is what he said.

"I have to eat my dinner because of three things.

Step one, because You are the dad.

Step two, because you make the rules. "

Now he furrows his eyebrows and looks right through me,

"and step three, because YOU'RE GRUMPY"

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