Wednesday, January 21, 2004

THE RULE OF THREES... 1.21.2004

I have come to the conclusion that all of our children are becoming deaf, in a temporary way. There is a pattern to the way that they are able to hear me, or their mother. Any sort of communication needs to be repeated (at least) three times before you get a connection. This all takes energy; this would also explain why we are so tired all of the time. The conversation starts out simply enough.

"Anna, could you do me a favor honey?" I say. I am sitting at the kitchen table. Anna is also at the kitchen table. She's not really eating, not really doing anything. Just sitting there. No response. She just keeps staring at the table.

"Anna? Could you do me a FAVOR PLEASE?" My voice is now a little louder. Anna hears me this time, she turns her head just a little and I see one eyebrow raise by the tiniest fraction of an inch. She looks at me, but doesn't say anything. What can she be thinking?, I wonder to myself. Is she struggling to understand me, is she deliberately ignoring me? Does she need special teaching? Is she going deaf? Why won't she answer me?

"ANNA HABER SHAW COULD YOU PLEASE DO ME A FAVOR?" I am shouting now and I have forgotten what I was going to ask her in the first place. She looks shocked and hurt that I have yelled at her. Everything is a battle.

"All right all right. What do you want?" She asks, genuinely wondering why I am yelling at her now. A little annoyed to, no doubt. "Why do my parents always yell at me?" she is no doubt thinking. And they are all like this. Every last one of them.

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