Saturday, January 10, 2004

BIG LIKE DADDY 1.10.2004

A few months back I started telling PJ that he had to go to bed when it was time if he wanted to grow up and be big and strong like his daddy. His response surprised me. "I don't want to be big and strong like daddy" he would say, and he seemed pretty convinced. Of course at this age he is utterly convinced about everything.

Later on, he changed his mind. "I don't want to be big and strong like daddy, I want to big and strong like Mommy" he said. This depressed, and worried me, but only a little. He'd grow out of it, I thought to myself. Does he think Kath is bigger and stronger than me? Am I that much of a wimp?

This morning he crawled into bed with me, it was a Saturday morning. He like Saturday mornings, because I am actually around in the morning instead of getting up at the butt-crack of dawn and trudging out to the bus like I normally do, only to return eleven hours later. He asked me to help him get dressed. I went with him to his room to get some clothes or him. While I was getting his clothes he crawled into his bed. "Daddy?"


"When I get big and strong like you can I read the newspaper?"

"Sure" I said, "probably before even that, little man."

"I'm going to take a nap."

A nap? I thought, "Why do you want to take a nap?"

"I want to grow up and be big and strong just like daddy." He said.

I gotta tell you. It was soooooo cool.

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