Saturday, December 13, 2003

UPDATE FOR NANCY: In answer to your question, the tree fell over specifically because Anna was dancing around on the couch like a mexican jumping bean on too much caffeine, ignoring the babysitter, and standing on the edge of the couch HOLDING THE BRANCHES for support, thus causing the already teetery tree to fall over." We have fixed this problem and I will be posting more on this matter this weekend, in an post titled "The Leaning Tree."'

You see? You have only to sign the guestbook and ask. All your questions shall be answered. :^)


I haven't been posting much stuff lately, mostly because of this second job I have been doing which has taken up a huge chunk of my already scarce free time. Hopefully I will get a chance to kick back for a chunk of December, and here's to that.

Sam has started to say "mama"! With the other two children, "dada" was the first wrd of choice, but the Samster is on his way to proving himself quite the mama's boy, and let me tell you, mama doesn't mind a bit.

We got a christmas tree last weekend, lugging a big eight foot white pine over the river and through the woods only to pay roughly what it would have cost at Home Depot. The tree is big, slightly missshappen, and ungainly. The other night after I got home work, and then immediately went downstairs to keep working for the other job I have been working on. Audy, the babysitter, was upsatirs with the children. I was working downstairs when all of a sudden I heard a pounding on the floor.

"Daddy?" It as Anna.
"You have to come up here right now, Auddy needs your help."

So, of course the usual visions of poison, broken bones, blood, lawsuits, all leap into my mind. Approximately 1/2 of one second later I am upsatirs. The christmas tree has fallen over, and is laying across our living room floor leaving a trail of broken and unbroken ornaments everywhere. Anna, is dancind nervously across the couch, jumping from cusion to cusion. Auddy is holding Sam. PJ is playing with some toys on the floor. I don't think he even looked up. I look around. Anna spoke first.

"It was a acc-ident." She says, raising her arms away from her shoulders. An accident. To Anna, "an accident" is just some kind of get-out-of-jail-free card she can play whenever anything bad happens. She's good at figuring out loopholes like that. While I admire her ingenuity, sometimes it really makes me just purple with anger. So its a mixed bag I guess (grin).

So we are putting the tree on a larger tree stand this weekend, one that won't tip so easily. Only problem is that this tree requres you to drill a vertical hole down the middle of the trunk, so that the tree is resting on a spike for stability. I haven't quite figured out how to do this yet without removing ornamanents from the tree.

PJ has discovered my cache of arcade games downstairs, and spends most of the day asking if he can go down and play them. Today we got a chance to go down for an hour or two, It was cool. Gettin some use out the old things.

I have been fighting off a bad cold this week. Despite this I managed to get caught up on my work, I have gotten some things around the house, things seem to be settling down, at least for just a little while.

Kathleen and Ann just walked in, they were just visiting Rita, who is recovering from some minor surgery. Gotta Go!--Pete

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