Friday, December 19, 2003


Okay, so here is the dweal with tree. It fell over. We've covered that already I suppose. The very nice sturdy christmas tree stand we got ids great. Its a big heavy thing, all rebar and very solid. But the way it works is that you normally buy your tree from a place that drills a big hole up the center of the trunk.

We didn't have that luxury. I guess the real key thing is the special rack they put the tree on when they drill the hole. This ensures that the christmas tree is properly aligned, and that the tree will be nice and straight. Only we didn't have the rack. I just laid the tree over on its side and tried my best to bore straight up the middle of the wonderful eight foot white pine that was rapidly becoming a spokesman for the people who buy artificial trees for christmas.

On the positive side, from the kitchen the tree looks fairly straight and quite pretty.

On the other hand, once you are in front of the tree, things get a little, well, slanty.

But do I care? No! It looks fine to me. FINE! Its got that slanty sort of charm that I like in a tree. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

Okay, some more photos from the last few weeks. First, here is Sam, smiling as usual. What a cutey.

And now here are a couple of PJ at his very fiorst recital at nursery school. He is the singinest dancingest little guy you ever did see. The second photo is witrh PJ's two teacher from school.

The last one is of Anna from thanksgiving. I managed to convince her to let me take her picture. Camera shy the poor little thing is. Its so rare to see her come out of her shell. (NOT)

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