Monday, December 15, 2003

I am at work eating my lunch, which my wife made me while at the same time watching the season finale of Survivor part 18: the musical!

Let me make a brief list of the contents of my lunch:

1.)One ziplock bag full of cut pieces of carrots.
2.)One ziplock bag full pf cut pieces of broccoli.
3.)One thick ham and cheese sandwhich with lettuce and mayo.
4.)One ziplock bag with 3 homemade chocolate chip cookies.
5.)One microwave popcorn - light)
6.)One orange

Now lets look at the details. I like the mayonaise between the lettuce and the bread, not between the lettuce and the cheese. That is where it is.

The orange is scored, around the edges, to make it easy to peel. A co-worker saw that the other day and remarked in awe "You must have the most thoughtful caring kind wife! That is so incredibly kind of her to do that for you!"

So I am just pausing a moment now to be thankful for this nice lunch and the loving hands that made it. Thanks babe-- you spoil me! Now pls excuse me, I'm kinda hungry.

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