Tuesday, October 21, 2003

ANNAISMS - 10/21.2003

I got two Annaisms for ya.

The first one took place after a long day of work, I get off the bus and head to my car. I usually call home to find out if Kath needs anything from the grocery store I can pick up on my way home. Anna answers the phone.


"Hello, Anna?"

"Yes. Who is this?" Kathleen has been teaching Anaa how to answer the phone lately.

"This is Rumpelstiltskin." I say. "May I speak to your mom?"

A big pause. "This isn't s-s-tiltskin. This is daddy!" She knows my tricks.

"That's right sweetie. Could you please ask mom if she needs anything from the store?"

Another pause. I here them talking but can't make it out. Anna picks up the phone.

"Dad, do you know that thing where you put a piece of paper on a thing and it spins around really fast and you have this paint in tubes and you put the paint on the paper and it makes these pictures that are really cool. Can you pick up one of those?"

The second Annaism was when Kathleen was driving aroung Leesburg the other day. Anaa has started spelling things. They drove by a bank."

"Mom, what does B-A-N-K spell?"

"Well, what does it sound like?"

Anna tried to sound it out. "B-A-N-K. bee ahhh ennnn kay. beeahhennkay. beankay. Bankay." Then, more confident. "Bankay!"

"Well, that was close sweetie, but its pronounced Bank."

Short pause, amd then the revovery. "Mom! I was just saying it in spanish!"

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