Saturday, September 06, 2003



Click on the image for a blow up. I was able to get a copy of the group photo (finally) from my uncle Bernie, who actually took two photos and had them stitched together. Let me see if I can get everyone's name right. Going from left to right:

Brian, Sierra's brother, then her dad Steve. Kath, then me, holding PJ. My broither Mike, in front of our mom. Anna in front of Mom, then Jean, sierras Mom, in front of her. Then Bernie, Loretta, and Andrew in front. Next is Jeannie sort of tucked in between, with Mollie infront of her. Then cousin Ron, back in the shadows behind the very pregnant Sierra, with Dan-o on his knees in front. Ron's wife Nancy is next to him. Ken Klotz, mayor of Saratoga, is wearing possibly the only tie seen today, Karen is next to him. In front lounging is Peg's kid Drew. Behind Ken is Chris Shaw, her very tall brother Greg behind her. Next to Chris is Rachael Shaw. Just behind Rachael and to the right is Jeanie, Jeanies daughter. Got that? Nor to the right of Rachael is Mary, who is the sister of Aunt Marn, in the wheelchair below, with Uncle Bernie next to her. Next to Behind Mary is Paul Shaw. To Mary's right is the also very Pregnant Peg. Way back and next to Greg is Mary, Greg's mom. In front of her is Sean, Peg's husband, and at the very bottom is Sean.

There will be a quiz later. You have been warned. :^)

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